448 specialists trained in two training sessions


Category: Local achievements

User: Ekodoma

In the framework of the project two local training sessions for conurbation towns were organised between September 2011 and April 2012. General idea of the training sessions was to spread locally the knowledge that was gained during the centralised training sessions held in Vicenza (May 2011) and Alba Iulia (November 2011).

Training sessions were designed as following:

  1. The aim of the first training session was to give a general overview of the Covenant of Mayors, emission baseline and development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). The objective of this session was to inform and involve Conurbation towns in CONURBANT and sign Covenant of Mayors.
  2. The task of the second training session was to provide technical information on most related issues to the municipalities that will lead to reduction of CO2 emissions. Topics covered:
    • energy efficiency in energy production (heat, electricity and cooling) and distribution;
    • energy efficiency in buildings;
    • use of renewable resources;
    • mobility;
    • efficient lighting;
    • ESCO.

The training sessions were organised in all partner regions. In total there were 218 participants in the first session and 230 participants in the second training session.