Ekodoma was founded in 1991 with a simple mission: apply energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to achieve economic development and environmental protection. Everyone in our company believes that sustainable development is based on energy efficiency first and then on a sustainable energy supply.

We are now a leading Latvian engineering consulting company. We provide services within the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies, environment and economy with due emphasis on the social, legal and administrative framework.

Since 1991 we have been involved in more than 1000 projects. We have a track record of success stories. Ekodoma is always at the forefront of energy efficiency services developments. We continue to develop and think about new products of our own, or in partnership with other strategic partners.

In CONURBANT Ekodoma has a role of technical advisor for Salaspils municipality to assist in development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Salaspils and also other four Conurbation towns: Ogre, Ikskile, Kegums and Lielvarde and in other activities.

Morover Ekodoma is also WP4 leader. There are six important tasks in WP 4:

  1. Trainee Municipalities and Conurbation towns sign Covenant of Mayors (taks leader Ekodoma).
  2. Development of Energy baseline and SEAP (Ekodoma).
  3. Organisation of forums and participatory approach (Municipality of Arad).
  4. Finalisation of SEAPs (Municipality of Timisoara).
  5. Conurbation working group (Municipality of Osijek).
  6. Peer-to-peer support and auditing (Ekodoma).

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