Sogesca Srl


Sogesca was founded in 1986 to offer environmental consulting services to public Bodies and industrial enterprises. To guarantee the high reliability and continuous improvement of their services, Sogesca has determined to rely upon their human resources, as they are the variable that mostly characterises and influences the service provision process.

Sogesca is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accordingly to its quality and environmental policies.

Sogesca’s teams consist of skilled certified experts with a specific client-oriented training in the services and products offered. Engineers, chemists, geologists, biologists, agronomists, architects, economists, social and political science experts provide their competence and are ready to complete it adequately to comply with the complex issues related to sustainable development, safety and quality.

Sogesca is experienced in the implementation of environmental and energy management systems in all sectors. Sogesca has accompanied the high school Liceo Scientifico “Cornaro”, Padova to become the first Italian high school to obtain an EMAS registration and it has implemented environmental management systems in several other schools.

Sogesca is experienced in organising training courses in the sector of environment, energy and renewable energy sources promoting environmental culture, energy saving practices and involving schools in including these subjects in their educational programmes. Training courses on RES and RUE have been organized, among other for Industrial associations and other trade associations.

Sogesca has also a great experience in working with public and private bodies and developing bottom up approaches such as Local Agenda 21 which is integrated by experience in environmental, quality and safety management systems, waste management, energy audits and Life cycle assessment.

Sogesca is also experienced in the energy sector. It’s working on a number of project dealing with policies and programmes, Covenant of Mayors and energy management systems in public sector as well as in the private one.

Sogesca has used the LA21 process for the Energy planning of the Italian provinces of Genova, Parma and Modena. Energy audits have been recently implemented in several Municipalities: ie. Venice, Viadana, Asola, Casalmoro, Redondesco. Energy management system for the Municipality of Venice. SEAP and Energy Management system was jointly developed and implemented for Moneglia Municipality.

Sogesca is working with several Italian Municipalities and Provinces on the preparation of proposals to be submitted to the ELENA facility of the European Investment Bank.

Sogesca has experience in FP6 and FP7 projects. Currently, Sogesca is partner FP7-PROCEED project focused on the communication and dissemination of environmental research results and practices originating in Central and Eastern European Countries towards industry, policy makers, public and private research centres and the Enterprise Europe Network.

Sogesca is partner of several Intelligent Energy Europe program projects:

Sogesca is partner of the IEE EGS project focused on energy education in high schools and the implementation of energy management systems in schools. Sogesca is partner of the IEE SHEEP project focused on the promotion of efficient energy
using products. Sogesca is the technical promoter of the IEE ENERGY FOR MAYORS project lead by the Province of Genova and focused on capacity building for Supporting Structures of the Covenant of Mayors, SEAP development and implementation and integration with the EN ISO 50001 energy management standard.

Sogesca is partner of the IEE IND-ECO project focused in investments for energy efficiency and energy savings in the leather industry lead by UNIC- The Italian Tanners Association. Sogesca is technical promoter of IEE BIOGAS-HEAT lead by Ekodoma  addressing the problem of how to efficiently using the heat from biogas plants.

Sogesca is the technical promoter of the IEE CONURBANT project lead by the Municipality of Vicenza and is partner of the IEE COVENANT CAPACITY project lead by ICLEI and focused of the development of SEAPs in Italian Municipalities.

Finally, Sogesca is partner is partner in the IEE MESHARTILITY project lead by Save Energy Agency of Región de Murcia bringing together energy agencies, associations of Municipalities, utilities and technicians to generate win-win situations in SEAPs development.

36 municipalities in four Italian regions (Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) are receiving support for developing and implementing their SEAPs through Sogesca.