7 and 9 of May 2014, the finale Workshops in the frame of CONURBANT Project


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Members of the Commission for the Coordination and Implementation of  the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of Timişoara Municipality, nominated  by Decision no.1445/05.09.2013 issued by of  the Mayor of Timişoara, the  leadership of  autonomous administrations and of companies providing public services in the city of Timişoara and representatives of  localities from Timişoara Conurbation participated in a workshop on Wednesday 7th , and Friday,  9th  May 2014.

The events were launched by the Mayor, Mr. Nicolae ROBU’ invitations, sent by e -mail, fax and by hand delivery .

The events took place at Timişoara City Hall, no.1, C.D. Loga Blvd,  in the Council Room of Timişoara Municipality, and had the following Agenda :

- Discussion of the practical aspects of how to implement the SEAP of Timişoara Municipality (Climate Change Strategy and Local Action Plan for control, mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the City of Timisoara), as a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors;

- Measures to ensure the implementation of measures, actions, initiatives and projects that should lead to at least 20 % reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, in correlation with the Municipality's financial possibilities for fundraising projects / public-private partnerships;

- Discussion of the practical aspects of how to implement the SEAP in each locality of Timişoara Conurbation, as signatories of the Covenant of Mayors;

- Identification of opportunities offered by formulating an application for the Tools of Technical Support ELENA - European Local Energy Assistance or MLEI;

- Organization of active working groups for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and of results of SEAPs, in order to update this strategic document.

- Sharing the vision of sustainable development of Timişoara Municipality; involvement of a large number of citizens and stakeholders, concluding a partnership between them and the Town Hall;

- Discussions on possible scenarios for energy efficiency projects (EE) and the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in 2014-2020;

- Ideas for organizing "Energy Days 2014" in Timişoara Conurbation;

- Support for completion of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in areas of Timişoara Conurbation;

- Promotion of the Covenant of Mayors Movement in Timiş County;

The organization of these events at the end of the project was considered absolutely necessary in order to ensure the project continuity for further implementation of project long-term activities and reiteration of obligations assumed by signing the Covenant of Mayors and the development and approval of Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

The events began with a welcoming coffee, provided by the organizers.

A total of 58 people attended the two events, representatives of the following institutions:

• Town Hall of the Municipality of Timişoara ;

• Village Hall of Dumbrăviţa;

• Village Hall of Dudeştii Noi;

• Village Hall of Cărpiniş;

• Village Hall of Giarmata;

• Town Hall of Jimbolia;

• Village Hall of Moşniţa Nouă;

• Village Hall of Remetea Mare;

• Village Hall of  Sânmihaiu Român;

• Village Hall of Sânandrei;

• Village Hall of Şag;

• Sustainable Energy Cluster ROSENC;

• Energy Management Agency of Timiş County- AMET;

• National Association for Sustainable Production and Consumption;

• "COLTERM"S.A., Timişoara;

• Halcrow Romania SRL;

The event was mediated by the consultant for Environment Issues of the DENKSTATT ROMANIA  Ltd - Mrs. Gabriela FISTIŞ and Mrs. Iudit BERE - SEMEREDI - CONURBANT Project Responsible from Timşoara City Hall.

The presentations made ​​at the event are available on webpage, following the link:

7th  May,  2014:
City Hall of Timişoara Municipality;
9th  May,  2014:
 City Hall of Timişoara Municipality;
 Sustainable Energy Cluster ROSENC Timişoara;
 Energy Management Agency of Timis County - AMET;

They discussed opportunities to develop projects that are focused on energy efficiency in public buildings, local public lighting, and sustainable public transport . Measures will be taken to formulate an application for the Technical Assistance ELENA  Facility - European Local Energy Assistance or MLEI, as the localities will arrive at the final forms of their own SEAPs and there are project  proposals that reach a level of maturity necessary to the integration within a project portfolio.

Sustainable Energy Cluster ROSENC presented the funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects in public buildings through  Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), provided by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) .

Energy Management Agency of Timiş County - AMET presented the opportunities for financing in the domain of energy - Structural and Cohesion Funds 2014-2020.

The need to promote the message of  the Covenant of Mayors  was pointed out.

The need to promote the message of  the Covenant of Mayors  was pointed out.

Timişoara Municipality has sent an invitation to join the Covenant of Mayors to 82 localities  – towns and villages from Timiş, both by written invitation and by electronic mail. The Town and Village Halls have received the text of the Covenant of Mayors and  Adhesion Form (printed by the care of organizers). Invitations have highlighted both the opportunity of signing the Covenant of Mayors and obligations arising from it. To facilitate this process, a model for a specialized report and draft resolutions for adhesion  to the Covenant of Mayors were proposed to the Town and Village Halls.

A dedicated Procedure for implementation, monitoring an progress report of SEAPs, elaborated by the CONURBANT Project Responsible in Timişoara City Hall, was send to each locality from Timisoara Conurbation for approval by the Mayor. The towns with Quality Management System already implemented can easely adapt it  to the existing procudures, in order to improve their activities.

At this event, the role of leaders in each public authority to lead the implementation of the SEAP was highlighted. In this respect, the LeadSUS (Leadership in Sustainability) project was presented, which was developed within the LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME, Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation – Action, (Contract No: LLP-LdV/TOI/2013/RO/022/Project number : 2013-1 - RO1 - LEO05 - 28771 ), which is implemented from November 2013 until November 2015. The  objective of the project is to ensure knowledge transfer and integrate leadership skills in the field of sustainability both in industry and in the public institutions. The project aims to support the management and employees of different organizational structures in order to understand the concept of sustainable development/sustainability through an innovative approach.

Participants were invited to sign the application form for the benefit of both courses and online learning applications that LeadSus project will develop.

So again, two European funded projects - CONURBANT and LeadSus join forces to achieve the best results. LeadSus Project Presentation

Following the events organized, the degree of satisfaction of the participants was assessed. After the  submission of the Evaluation of satisfaction Forms, filled in May 7  and   May 9,  2014, all participants rated the events as very good in terms of content, organization,  the presentations made ​​and  the possibility to exchange  ideas and opinions among participants.

Coffee breaks and lunch provided by the Municipality of Timisoara, from the CONURBANT project budget, were welcome because they facilitated discussion, exchange of ideas on the topics presented during the workshops.

All participants received personalized notebook and  pen, bag and umbrella, all of them promotional materials printed with logo and slogan of Conurbant Project. Materials and project information were transmitted on personalized USB memory sticks.

The two Events can be considered a success both by the high level of participation and the content sent to the participants.  The informative materials, which were extremely attractive and well received by the participants, will ensure good promotion project in Timis County .

The event was organized by the Municipality of Timisoara and was supported by the project An inclusive peer-to-peer approach to involve EU CONURBations and wide urban areas in participating to the CovenANT of Mayors”,  acronym CONURBANT, project code IEE / 10/380 / SI 2.5894 27, co- funded by the Programme Intelligent Energy Europe of the European Union.