Working Group No.3 was held in Alba Iulia Municipality


User: Municipality of Alba Iulia

On May 31 the Working Group No.3 & Exchange of experience between Alba Iulia Municipality and the Municipality of Due Carrare, Italy was held in the Conurbant partner Municipality –Alba Iulia.

In the first part of the working group the main goal was to present the 4 SEAPs completed, and another goal was to identify and establish 3-4 common actions which were included in the SEAPs in order to implement this actions in a short-term period.

In the last part of the meeting were presented several case studies in order to exchange experience between Alba Iulia Municipality and Municipality of Due Carrare, Italy. Were discussed topics such as solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy production, efficient public lighting and indoor lighting sources (LED).

Several presentations were made during the Working Group:

ADR CENTRU initiatives for shaping an energy policy at regional level. Actions and projects for the support of signatories of the Covenant of Mayors

Geothermal energy and heat pumps used for the centralised heating and cooling systems, public or private - GEORICERCHE SRL Italia  +  PADOVA 3 SRL Italy

Solar energy: a way of producing electricity with increased efficiency -SYSTEMSOLAR SRL  Italy

Modernization of interior and street lighting systems using LED technology - ERAL SRL Italia + SC ALDIA SYSTEMS SRL Romania

A new concept of inner wiring - modern and cheap solutions in civil engineering - Next SRL Italy

IEE Projects for your support as a signor of the Covenant of Mayors: Covenant capaCITY, Meshartility - Ion Dogeanu – Director of the Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection - AEEPM, Bucharest

The event was very successful and it was attended by the City Manager of Alba Iulia Municipality and a number of 41 stakeholders, providing very constructive results.