Summary Report on Energy Baseline Assessment


Category: Public deliverables

User: Ekodoma

The main results of this activity are:

  • Baseline emission inventories have been developed for 60 municipalities in 10 project partner areas.
  • The total area of these municipalities is 90.7 thousand km2 and total population – 1.6 million inhabitants.
  • Their total final energy consumption in the base year was 23.08 TWh (base year selected between 2005 and 2010).
  • Total CO2 emissions in the base year were 8.12 million tCO2.
  • Projected CO2 emission reduction target in 2020 is 1.64 million tCO2.
  • Each citizen of the project area will contribute in reduction of at least 1 ton of CO2 emissions until 2020.