D7.5 Operation plan-Final version


Category: Public deliverables

User: Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Vratsa

Dissemination is intrinsically linked to exploitation in the sense that efficient publicity is a facilitator of the exploitation of project results beyond the project lifetime.

Moreover dissemination allows to measure acceptance of the proposed concepts and reuse of them in other projects.

While the Dissemination and Communication Plan defines the strategy and planned activities, the Operation Plan (or Exploitation Plan), presents in details the actual activities and how they support exploitation.

The present document is a final version of the updated version of CONURBANT Operation Plan (Exploitation Plan). This version is issued at the end of the project (Month 36).

The aim of this Operation Plan is to propose an effective use of the results of the CONURBANT project after the end of its lifetime both at the EU and national levels. There are two main levels of exploitation: within the project areas and at EU level for a wider scope of network enlargement.

The main purpose of the present Operation Plan is to organize follow-up activities and make use of the project results after the end of the project activities.

It contains partners’ preliminary intentions towards exploiting the project results to support their own business or activities, as laid down in the project Description of Work.

It also includes the dissemination channels implemented to date as well as the plans for the other identified channels during the implementation of the project.