D4.1 - List of signatories


Category: Public deliverables

User: Ekodoma

Signing of Covenant of Mayors is the first task of work package 4: Development of SEAPs and peer-to-peer approach.

There are 8 Trainee municipalities with 32 Conurbation towns and two Tutoring municipalities with 8 Conurbation towns involved in this task.

The objective of this task is to encourage all Trainee municipalities and Conurbation towns that will receive support in form of energy baseline assessment and Sustainable energy action plan (SEAP) development will sign the Covenant as soon as possible.

It is foreseen that the task should be fulfilled until Month 7 (December 2011) however different obstacles occur.

The report summarises the status of the completion of the task on 15 February 2012 with a latest update on 6 November 2012.