Vicenza has its Energy Days during the EUSEW 2012


User: Municipality of Vicenza

The Munucupality of Vicenza organises workshops, exhibitions, infopoints and much more...

In particular on June 23rd 2012 VICENZA presents the Conurbant project- Chiostri di S.Corona

Workshop – Checking the efficiency and effectiveness of territorial groupings - both between cities and between neighborhoods in an average city: examples of national and international best practices that can be replicated in our area

- Practices to be replicated and mistakes to avoid in territorial groupings: the different national districts of the RES

- Practices to be replicated and mistakes to avoid in the organizational models of utilities

The choice to develop greeNordEsT reasonings in Vicenza is linked to the commitment of this area, as a leader, in the European project "Conurbant". The initiative aims at enhancing, through the writing of "Paes", the rational use of energy and using renewable energy with the definition of methodologies and tools and exchange of specific guidelines on energy, in particular conurbations with the involvement of all member cities.


This conference is the fifth event of greeNordEsT week 2012:

GreeNordEsT Week 2012 aims at:

1.       creating a network among local public authorities and economic and social partners to conceive a new territory development model

2.       Drawing up a final document

-   to define guidelines for local authorities, based on the new development concept conceived for their territory. Specifically, the document will include peculiarities of the territory, sustainability indicators, building code and critical issues of the territory.

-  to create a territorial network which should allow an efficient planning and to benefit from European funding. The drafting of this document will be the proof that the network has been created.