Limassol Green Energy Festival


User: Limassol Municipality

Limassol Municipality within the framework of the European project Conurbant, will organise the first Green Energy Festival in the city which will take place in the Municipal Garden on the 23rd of June 2012 from 10:00 - 18:00 o clock. Limassol Municipality aims to establish the particular festival as an annual event that will attract the interest of citizens from accross the country,  by providing them with important information on a wide range of environmental factors that affect their everyday lives. Citizens who will vist the Festival will receive all the appropriate messages with regards to environmental awareness. Furthermore, within the framework of the Green Energy Festival artits, creators and young people will be given the opportunity to make their own presentations of their 'Dream City'

Through the Limassol Green Energy Festival Limassol Municipality aims to raise and strengthen the ecological awareness among its citizens therefore respect of the environment will become a way of life. Furthermore the Festival will focus on the promotion of renewable and altrenative sources of energy and the interellation between the ecological awareness and the economy.