User: Municipality of Alba Iulia


The present document is the feedback report from the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Technical Helpdesk after having completed the analysis of your Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

The analysis is essentially focusing on the compliance of the SEAP with the Covenant formal commitments and principles as well as on the evaluation of the completeness and consistency of the data inserted in the SEAP template. The latter is mainly based on a computer-assisted analysis performed on the data you inserted in the online SEAP template. The selection and definition of adequate actions aiming at achieving your emissions reduction objective are entirely left to your responsibility as they need to be tailor-made on your territorial circumstances.

The feedback report serves the purpose of informing the signatory on whether its SEAP fulfills the following criteria:

  • The SEAP must be approved by an official body (in principle the municipal council).
  • The SEAP must clearly specify what is your overall CO2 reduction objective by 2020 (20% as a minimum).
  • The results of the Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) must be provided and must cover the key sectors of activity.
  • The SEAP must include a set of actions in the key sectors of activity.
  • The SEAP template must be correctly filled-in.
  • The data inserted in the SEAP template must be coherent and complete.

The present report also provides observations and suggestions for improvement, which we recommend that you take into consideration as much as possible. Nevertheless, in some instances our remarks might just point out peculiarities which do not need to be addressed because they find their explanation to be in the particular circumstances occurring within your territory.

Overall evaluation

We are pleased to announce that your Sustainable Energy Action Plan meets the six criteria described above and therefore it has been accepted. We wish to congratulate you for this achievement! This has been made publicly visible on the Covenant of Mayors website.

Nevertheless, please note that some issues which require further attention have been identified in your SEAP template. These are described in the next section together with some suggestions potential improvements. We recommend that you address our observations and, if relevant, carry out the suggested modifications. …(pls see more attached).

The Covenant of Mayors Technical Helpdesk