Energy Day in Salaspils: from Producing to Saving


User: Salaspils Novada Dome (Municipality of Salaspils)

The Energy Day in the Municipality of Salaspils was organized in some different events:

1. Bus tour to heating company "Salaspils Siltums". For different stakeholders there were a possibililty to go on bus tour to heating company "Salaspils Siltums" was open door day, visit some blockhouses where had been done insulation, also theren was a possibility to see some of the realising projects of heating company.

2. Tour to Rigas HPP. For different stakeholders there was a possibility to go on guided tour to Rigas HPP to see how is producing the energy from renewable energy resourses.

3. Best Practice Sharing in Insulation of Blockhouses. For potentional blockhouses' insulation project managers there was a possibility to meet project managers of successfully insulated blockhouses in different parts of municipality, at the same time to see in the reality the benefits of insulation.