Launch of Energy Forums in Alba Iulia Municipality


User: Municipality of Alba Iulia

On November 13th at 14h00 the second Energy Forum was held in the Conurbant partner Municipality –Alba Iulia. The event was organised in one of Alba Iulia’s Conurbation villages, Berghin. The event was very successful and it was attended by the Mayor and a number of 17 local stakeholders, providing very constructive results.

The event was moderated by the project manager Mr Lorincz Gyula George, and by Mr Florin Andronescu, technical expert, which have offered the support for this small community situated in the area of the partner Municipality - Alba Iulia in order to promote activities in the field of sustainable energy and to achieve the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) through an inclusive peer-to-peer approach.

Another topic discussed during the forum was on raising the awareness of citizens regarding efficient energy products, low energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, and the involvement of local authorities in order to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the BEI analysis (Baseline Emission Inventory) which will help the community in developing their Sustainable Energy Action Plan was presented together with the presentation of the Conurbant project and the exposure of the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors.

The outcome of the forum is a list of different measures which the Municipality can include in the SEAP:

  • realization of bike lanes;
  • recreation and playing parks;
  • restoration of damaged grazing lands;
  • afforestation of damaged grazing lands;
  • realization of roads and footpaths in order to shorten the distance to Alba Iulia;
  • new sewage system;
  • new public transport system.