First working group meeting in Alba Iulia was held on 7 february 2013


User: Municipality of Alba Iulia

On February 7, 2013 was held the first working group meeting on CONURBANT Project. The working group aimed at identifying and proposing joint actions and measures that can be included in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

The working group meeting was attended by representatives of Alba Iulia's Conurbation towns (Berghin, Ciugud, Ighiu and Santimbru) and mayors of four cities that are not yet signatories of the Convenant of Mayors (CoM), Mihalt, Pianu, Ocna Mures and Teius.

The working group meeting was moderated by the project manager Mr Lorincz Gyula George, and by Mr Florin Andronescu.

In the first part of the meeting, Mr. Lorincz Gyula George presented an overview of CONURBANT project, its activities, objective and goals, to remind all the activities (realized and proposed) in the frame of projects. After this presentation, Mr. Florin Andronescu, the tehnical expert of the project presented the advantages of being a CoM member and also the importance of preparing and defining objectives and proposals for measures and actions for the Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

In the second part of the meeting the Baseline Emission Inventory for the Alba Iulia's Conurbation towns was presented. After this presentation the guests who are not signatories of the CoM were invited to express their opinion on the topics which were discussed above.

At the end of the meeting joint actions and measures which will be included in the SEAPs of the fourth Alba Iulia's Conurbation towns were identified. This common actions are: - Thermal rehabilitation of schools, kindergartens, and municipal buildings;

-modernizing and streamlining the public lighting systems;

-afforestation, the construction of recreational cycling parks.