2013 Energy Days in Vicenza


User: Municipality of Vicenza

The event aims at debating over current major topics in the field of energy such as energy efficiency, the promotion of alternative technologies for sustainable energy, resources and energy policies, good practices in the environment protection field and necessary actions in order to combat and reduce the effects of climate changes.

The conference will  presents the strategy regarding climate changes in Vicenza, best practices in the field of energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and the ongoing and future projects of the municipality lookinf at its SEAP.

At the conference will participate representatives of local authorities from  Vicenza conurbation,  involved in CONURBANT Project  - “An inclusive peer-to-peer approach to involve EU CONURBations and wide areas in participating to the CovenANT of Mayors” an Intelligent Energy Europe project which helps Municipalities understand the benefits of making cities cleaner, support Municipalities in developing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans, create sustainable relations between small, medium and large EU cities, show Municipalities that their role for our greener future is crucial and involve local political decision makers and other stakeholders.

Together with the conference, between 25 and 30 of June, in the Festambienta context, there will be permanent stand to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.