Due Carrare (Padova) Finances Energy Requalification of a School


User: Municipality of Padova

Funding of the "Kyoto Fund" gives the City the energy upgrading of the school "Aldo Moro". "The participation in a tender invitation from the Ministry in 2012,"says the deputy Mayor Claudio Garbo" has resulted in the development of a very complex project because the construction of the building dates back to 1972. But now we can bring the building's energy class from G to B, with a considerable saving on consumption that will allow us to return on investment in the short term, as well as to cut CO2 emissions. "The financial plan provides for a reduction of 35-40 per cent of consumption from heating. In addition, the C02 emissions will be reduced by 5.4 kg per year.

Once again, the attention and the environmental sensitivity of the municipal administration has achieved important results in terms of access to funds for environmental protection, energy efficiency and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, a key element of the European Project IEE "Conurbant." "The project on consumption through retrofit of the entire building of the school," concludes Garbo, "involves the construction of a coat for thermal insulation of the perimeter walls, the construction of a thermal insulation on the horizontal planes of coverage, the replacement of old windows and doors with other insulators. The total cost will be EUR 420.000 , 90% of which are covered with a 15-year loan, the remaining 10 per cent with municipal funds.