Actions selected by Municipalities and Conurbation towns for the implementation process


User: Primăria Municipiului Timişoara

The Covenant of Mayors advises the actions and measures of local authorities within the jurisdiction of the public authorities. Consequently, the signatories of CoM  take measures in the exercise of all of their possible functions:

• Consumer and service provider;

• Planner, investor and regulator;

• Consultant, motivator and model;

• Manufacturer and supplier.

During the CONURBANT Project, municipalities and conurbation towns have the task of selecting the relevant three actions to be implemented within the first year after the finalisation of their SEAP.
The selection was based on:

- Feasibility and financing opportunities;

- Foreseen cut of CO2 emissions;

- Relevance to the municipal strategy.

To accomplish this task, the SEAP implementation teams/units in each municipality and conurbation town, together with the leadership at the highest level of the local authority established the most appropriate actions that will be implemented within the CONURBANT project. To this end, necessary efforts and actions have been taken to identify the required amounts of investments and sources of funding.

Study visits and the "peer-to-peer" approach between tutor municipalities and trained municipalities led to the shaping of the first measures that can be implemented at municipality level, all the knowledge and information received being forwarded to localities of the conurbations.

For this reason, good practices existing at European level has been analysed. Based on peer-to-peer approach, by sharing experiences and best practices between municipalities and towns  as well as by sharing the solutions found to certain local problems, the outlining of potential actions and projects that can be addressed locally has been facilitated. Tutor Municipalities had an important role in guiding trainee municipalities and the localities from their conurbation through locally organized meetings and presentations on the actions, projects and investments that have already been implemented.

In all partners Municipalities and Conurbation towns have been selected 236 actions to be implemented within the first year after SEAP finalization. Not all of actions have been estimated in financial terms and neither the estimated results, being in planning and preparation phase.  An overall amount of more than 252 million EURO investment is estimated in all Conurbations. Palma de Mallorca Conurbation towns face some difficulties in the selection of the actions due to local financial problems.

All municipalities and conurbation towns with a population of 2,108,422 inhabitants are committed for a clear CO2 target reduction of at least 130 thousands tonnes.            An energy reduction of 260 thousands MWh and RES used of 49 thousands MWh/year are estimated.