User: Primăria Municipiului Timişoara

This year, the Municipality of Timisoara celebrates ENERGY DAYS 2013, both as signatory of the Covenant of Mayors and as partner in the CONURBANT Project. The event is dedicated  both to Timisoara Conurbation - with the aim of promoting the Covenant of Mayors movement, energetic efficiency, and the use of RES in order to reach the target to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions - and to all the citizens – in order to inform them and raise their awareness on the extent of energy issues. 

ENERGY DAYS Timisoara 2013 will take place in the interval 18-28 June 2013, with the following programme:

- 18.06.2013 – Painting Contest with the theme “GREEN ENERGY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”,  with the participation of schools from Timisoara conurbation;
-21.06.2013 – Conference and Forum for Energy "COVENANT OF MAYORS AND LOCAL ENERGY PARTNERSHIP" in cooperation with Timis County County Council and the Timis County Association for Energy Management - AMET;
– Opening of the painting exhibition;
- 24.06.2013 – inauguration of a GREEN TRACK iAND GREEN MARCH n Timisoara Municipality – promoting urban mobility -  outdoor educational and artistic activities in Childrens Park ION CREANGA TIMISOARA;
25-28.06.2013 – awareness raising activities targeting the citizens about the selective collection of waste, energy saiving and  eco- driving.