The fifth Local Energy Forum and Working Group for Timişoara CONURBATION


User: Primăria Municipiului Timişoara

The fifth Local Energy Forum and Working Group  for  Timişoara CONURBATION was held on 7th  February 2013 in the COMMUNITY OF REMETEA MARE, Timiş County - for Remetea Mare and Bucovăţ Towns.

The event was hosted by The Town Hall of Remetea Mare  and it was attended by 15 participants – Mayors, local councilors, public servants, Energy Management Agency in Timiş County representatives,  local economy representatives and interested citizens, providing constructive results.

The Forum and Working groups were moderated by the Project Manager  Mrs. Iudit BERE SEMEREDI with the support of the members of the Project Implementation Team from Timişoara City Hall.

The event provides the opportunity to present to participants an overview of CONURBANT Project, its activities, objective and goals, to remind all the activities (realized and  proposed) in the frame of projects and to prepare the participants to have inputs in defining objectives, proposals for measures and actions for the  draft of Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

The event started with a presentation  of the CONURBANT Project, the activities done in the frame of project, the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors. 

After a detailed presentation of the Baseline Emission Inventory, developed for both towns - Remetea Mare and Bucovăţ, the  relevant sectors, responsible for massive CO2 emissions, the main areas of intervention and  the further steps in  SEAP development were presented.

Timisoara Municipality team members gave the necessary assistance and support  to the participants in order to reveal and launch the best ideas, to propose and promote activities in the field of sustainable energy at local level.

The participants  were divided into four working groups and invited to discuss about the most important topics for both towns: energy efficiency in  public and private buildings, public lighting, transport, energy consumption reduction and energy from renewable sources (RES). It were discusses the possibilities to select and to implement in the future joint projects or to cooperate in the common field of interests.

During the forum and working goups, the main possibilities for Remetea Mare and Bucovăţ – a large and a small local communities, in order to become more sustainable, more attractive for investors and to rise the quality of inhabitant’s life, were discussed and analyzed: energy reduction on local (public) and residential sectors in order to reduce CO2 emissions, energy efficiency,  mobility and  sustainable transport, agriculture and green spaces,  energy production and RES solutions implementation.

An other important topic discussed during the event was the communication and awareness of citizens regarding lower energy consumption and the responsibility of the civil society in the future implementation of SEAP.

The outcome of the forum and working groups  is a list of different measures  and actions which the Town Halls of Remetea Mare and Bucovăţ   will include in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans.