Technical partner


The technical partners of the Conurbant project have a fundamental role on achiving the following project goals:

  • Creating a clearly structured framework for the partners to act in, wherein they can pool their experiences and expertise, thereby contributing to the presentation of deliverables useful for wide scale European application.
  • Providing training, tools and guidance for the Trainee Cities and Conurbation towns in order to achieve a high level of peer-to-peer support to Municipalities signing the Covenant and preparing their SEAPs through a participatory process.
  • Supporting signatories in finalising their SEAPs and implementing pilot activities within the first year after the finalisation of their SEAPs, channelling funds and promoting local investments through the ELENA facitility and other opportunities.
  • Ensuring a high-quality development, implementation and monitoring of SEAPs through a monitoring and auditing approach that engage twin Trainee Muncipalities in a peer-to-peer review of their work
  • Making the tools and results widely available through multipliers and networks which are not involved in the project as partners but will  provide voluntary cooperation (supporting structures, associations of Municipalities, etc.)