What is CONURBANT...


Think Globally, Act Locally!

  • We think that big changes start in small towns.

  • We believe that people want to live in a greener world.

  • We want to give our children a better future.

  • The CONURBANT project has the goal to involve more municipalities in that initiative.

  • We do believe that all of you can contribute to our efforts for a brighter future.


  • We will persuade more municipalities that signing the Covenant of Mayors is the first step towards sustainable development, economic recovery and creation of jobs.

  • Our project will show municipalities and citizens that small towns and villages have the same importance as big cities when it is up to common actions against climate change.

  • Within the CONURBANT project we will make sure that less experienced municipalities are trained by experienced ones which have already developed their Sustainable Energy Action Plans.


  • Implementation of successful Plans, Strategies and Actions on local level can be successful only if there is good collaboration between municipalities, policy makers, supporting structures and citizens.

  • Citizens have to realize their importance on global and local level.

  • Citizens have to realize their benefits from development and successful implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans - economic recovery, creation of more jobs