Project Objectives

The CONURBANT project has four specific objectives that are inter-related and have been identified as critical elements that need to be addressed to support sustainable energy communities (SEC) in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors:

1. To introduce a peer-to-peer approach between medium and large EU cities and involving their smaller, surrounding conurbation towns and to sustain the role of local governments as political and administrative bodies guiding their communities in the development of sustainable energy strategies


2. To develop, implement and monitor SEAPs in all Trainee Cities and Conurbation towns during the project's lifetime addressing the use of local resources, stakeholder involvement and public awareness-raising in order to embrace sustainable energy planning in a holistic way

3. To guarantee the institutionalisation of sustainable energy policies and to ensure the coherent implementation and political continuity of SEAPs during and after the projects lifetime


4. To make the results widely available and enlarge the network of energy twin-cities and energy-twin conurbations at EU level