The main key actors of the project are the ones that will:


• be directly involved in peer-to-peer support and training at EU level and local level,

• be directly involved at local level in the development and implementation of SEAPs,

• directly contribute to the successful enlargement of the network of energy twin cities across EU.

Local political decision-makers, including also opposition leaders: have a particularly important role as they are key for the successful implementation of the SEAPs and for their institutionalisation.

Tutoring cities: peer-to-peer sharing of experience,training, monitoring of Trainee cities

Other expert cities in Europe: extra peer-to-peer sharing of experience, good practices, low budget study tours (already organised for other SEC projects)

Conurbation towns: to introduce the “conurbation approach”, giving territorial coherence and continuity to specific actions that need a larger territorial approach

Local technical experts: local support in the implementation of specific activities (GHG emissions inventory, SEAPs development and implementation)


Local Communities / Forum stakeholders: bottom up creation of the local SEAPs. contributions to the definition of local tasks and local projects and support in the implementation of local actions foreseen by SEAP